The Members of the Economy Society

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MOB152 Consitution of Societe D. Economie 1876 English last page copy cropped for website.

The Economy Society (Société d'Economie et d'Assistance Mutuelle) began in 1836 and disbanded around the 1950s. The organization counted as members many of the activists and entrepreneurs in a community termed colored, Black, and Negro over the century. My book, Economy Hall: The Hidden History of a Free Black Brotherhood tells the story of this community from the Haitian Revolution to the creation of jazz through the life of an influential society secretary. 

Economy members served in the Battle of New Orleans and Civil War, died in the New Orleans Massacre and "Battle of Liberty Place," worked in the Reconstruction government and post-Reconstruction politics and much more. Their hall hosted public debates, theater, concerts, recitals, and balls.   

Below are the names of men who were members of the society in 1876 when the Economy re-incorporated to include Les Amis de l’Équité—the Friends of Equity. Hundreds of men joined and departed the society over the length of its existance. This list is only a snapshot in time. 


The typescript list below is an attempt to decipher the handwriting in the revised constitution of the society in 1876 (above) and replicates those spellings. Be aware that the names may be spelled differently on other documents. When possible, I have noted with an asterik names that I have double checked in other minute books to denote a more complete spelling or a transposed surname. A question mark means that I could not confirm the spelling. The remainding names should be accurate as written.

If you use this work, please credit my webpage.--Fatima Shaik

M. J. Piron

F. Casenave (*Florestan) 

V. A. Meilleur (*V. Albert) 

E. G. Gignac (*George) 

Leon Vigne

T. William (*Théodule?)

Andre Dominguez (*André)

Raymond Mary

Jules Bard

Ignace Steel

Jos. Delay (*Joseph)

Louis Carlon

J. B. Margueze (*Marquez?) 

L. A. Meilleur

Jos Laurent (*Joseph)

J. Sepere?

Valsin Boutté

Simeon Labeau

Simeon Labeau

Alfred Jourdain

Mazin Pierre (*Pierre Mazin)

Louis Rouzan

Victor Hubert

Dussuau Emile (*Emile Dussuau) 

Francis Gardere (*Gardère)








M. E. Perrault

M. Camps (*Manuel)

Rob. Willard (*Robert)

Ant. Rousseau (*Antoine)

Arm. Bedout (*Armand) 

Jos. Percy (*Joseph)

Louis Legros

Ch. Middleton (*Charles)

Prosper Avril

Homer Boutté

Gus Bedout (*Gustave) 

Henri Labeau

Hypolite Nicolas

J. Sangade?

V. Populus

Edgar Davis

Marcelin Martin (*Martin Marcelin)

Robert Charles (*Charles Robert)

Mollay P. A. (*P.A. Mollay)

Louis Daniel

Lacoste Hortaire (probably Hortaire Lacoste)

Joseph Alcindor

N. E. D. Morand (*Nelson) 

Ch. P. Vigers (*Charles)

F. Herriman (*Frederic)

Geo. Madison (*George)

E. J. Tennette (*Emile) 

A. J. Cheveau(*Auguste) 

Ben Xavier (*Benjamin)

Domingo Cadaron (*Dominique Cadaron) 

Isadore Armand 

Fran Pigneguy(Francis Pignéguy)

Henry L. Rey (*Louis)

J. Abelard (Joseph Abélard)

Joseph Rippoll

Fran Georges (*Francis) 

Aug. Motin (*Augustin Mutin) 

Fran. Diaz (*Francisco)

Jean Fournier

George James 

Manuel Barriere (Barrière) 

F. Tervalon (*François)

Francisco Oliba

Louis N. Fouché (*Nelson)

Edgar Davis

Patricio Martinez

Ch. Aubert (*Charles Auber)

Joes. Alcina (*Joseph) 

Armand Bond (*Bon) 

M. H. Nelson

H. Christophe (*Henri)

L. Pesson

Alfred Mary(*Jean Alfred Mary) 

A. Ferrand (*Armand or Joseph A.)

Ant. Steel

Jules Déjan

Ernest Alix

Jos. Rippoll (*Joseph)

Jos. Labeau

Fran Hernandez

Wm. Moulaizon (*William)

Ant Luciani (*Antoine/ Antonio) 

Joe. Burel (*Joseph)

Labeau Jean (*Jean Labeau) 

Engle Barthe (*also Engle Bart) 

Adam Manuel (*Manuel Adam) 

Antoine Pierre

George James (*George F. James) 

Marcelin Fortin

Nickerson William (*William Nickerson)

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